Head of Middle School

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A great middle school is a place where students are consistently challenged to develop and understand their best selves. At Poly this is not only our expectation but our non-negotiable. Students are given the opportunity to question, take intellectual risks, and practice resilience through failure. As they learn more about who they are as people, they are given the foundational tools emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to be change agents and leaders in the world. 

“I want to ensure Poly Middle School is the best experience it can be for our exceptional students and teachers.”

Challenged through a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of the whole child, middle school students have the opportunity to pursue their varied interests in academics, athletics and the arts. We are proud of our world-class faculty and their ability to bring out the personal best of every student. We do this through inquiry-based learning strategies and grappling with essential questions on a daily basis. Rarely will you see our students sitting in rows as passive learners, as we know the best learning comes from the active, alive classroom.    

Daniel Doughty, Head of Middle School
Daniel Doughty

As a division, we also look to meet the social-emotional needs of children through the Learning Center, Middle School Counselor and just as importantly, our advisory program. Students are guided and supported as they figure out who they are as people. Every day at the middle school is an opportunity to be a better person and student than the day before. This pursuit of excellence makes every day less predictable than the one previous, and we love it that way! Students leave the middle school ready to be advocates and champions of their own learning. 


Daniel Doughty
Head of Middle School